Eric Reed

My Motto: The strength of a great developer is not just what they know, but how quickly they can learn.

Developers are Intuitive

Developers are Resourceful

Developers are Inventive

Developers are Clever

Developers are Rational

Developers are Adaptable

Developers are Diligent

Developers are Inventive

I am a creative and driven programmer who loves problem solving. I bring a broad range of skills and a unique perspective to any team I join.

  • Responsive to the demands of a challenging work setting.
  • Adaptive to the standards of modern software development.
  • Full-Stack Developer with unique dev experiences.
  • Always eager to learn something new.
Screenshot from a mobile virtual reality simulation created for New View VR

About Me

I'm a nerd from North Port, Florida. I started learning to code at 10 using Game Maker with a light scripting engine. From there I've voice acted in a published video game, crafted precision virtual reality simulations, and managed bug reports for a competitive PC game.

With a background in Digital Media specializing in Web Design, The mainstay of my work is in HTML CSS and JS. I've also worked with Actionscript, BASIC, C, C#, Java, mySQL, PHP, and Python.

What am I currently working on?

I am developing a command and control system for autonomous vehicles, named Helios. Leveraging modern cost efficient technologies like the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Node.js, I'm working to simultaneously control many vehicles as if they are units in a Real Time Strategy game.


Mongodb running on Node.js and Express.js, Coeus is a RESTful interface developed to manage and monitor Helios.


Athena is an Angular and Bootstrap based webapp created as the RTS interface used to issue orders through Coeus.


Now that unit testing is done, my attention is currently on navigational hardware for vehicle #0, Leto.

Screenshot from a developmental build of Athena.

So whats the point?

Helios has a vast array of applications in our modern world. In today's focus on automation, controlling a fleet of complex autonomous workers is not an unreasonable goal. The difficulty of doing so is centered around a few factors, namely cost and operator attention. Current vehicle control systems favor either highly specific individual control of complex vehicles, or immensely broad control over many vehicles. RTS-inspired control addresses this by providing an interface capable of specific individual control over a large quantity of complex vehicles just like the games that inspired Helios in the first place.

Has this been done before?

There have been multiple published attempts, with one in 2001 and a more modern one in 2007. (direct links to PDFs) Past systems have been successful however they are from over a decade ago. The norms of an RTS interface have become more apparent and the usability of said interfaces have improved utilizing UI/UX design. I believe using new technologies and existing paradigms, there can be a more modern and commercially applicable attempt.

Ten years ago the concept of a computer the size of a credit card came with an immense cost. Now I utilize Raspberry Pis and Arduinos in all of my vehicles for an amazingly low cost. Communication speeds over mobile and wireless networks have evolved to allow for a significant increase in throughput. Large data transfers can be done in real-time, updating data live using basic web development tools. Sensors like infrared time-of-flight and ultrasonic rangefinders are available online for less than the cost of a meal. The technologies and tools needed for this system are now cheap and readily available. It's time to take another shot.

Acquired Skills

I've used a vast range of development tools and languages, and love picking up a new language or library. Odds are if I don't know it, I'll pick it up fast!


Studying Digital Media gave me ample opportunities to pickup Front-End development tools. If you want it, I've got it or I can pick it up very quickly.


I've employed the use of MEAN and LAMP stacks for the Back-End of my projects, and have developed my own custom RESTful service under Helios.

Digital Media

I've created short films, livestreamed educational content, handled significant asset creation, and become a published voice actor. I know Digital Media.

Past Projects

I've been involved in digital media creation throughout most of my life. Here's some of my past work.

Virtual Model Homes

I created a workflow to take schematics of structures and turn them into a virtual reality simulation. I invented a way to tour model homes before they're built.

New View VR, LLC

To properly conduct business with the Virtual Model Homes technology, I formed New View VR, LLC. This pursuit did not last long, but it gave me a wealth of experience.

Bug Reports Moderator,
S2 Games

I was able to experience the development and maintenance of Heroes of Newerth by S2 Games.
I'm good with bug reports.

Autonomous Vehicles

I've developed autonomous vehicles with arrays of sensors using Raspberry Pis, Node.js, and even BASIC.

Cognitive Restoration

I worked with Psychology students at UCF to develop an environment designed to test the restorative properties of VR.

Digital Media

Over the years at UCF, I've picked up image manipulation, as well as audio and video production and editing.

Want details?

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